Finding Your Purpose


I lost my marriage, my career, my dreams, my identity, just a few years ago. At the age of 32 I found myself starting completely over—only this time I had massive failures in business, marriage, and finances behind me. I was in doubt of my every move, and hadn’t a clue of who I was or what I was meant to do with my life.

I left North Carolina one January morning towing a small U-Haul trailer toting few earthy possessions, my illness-prone rescue dog, and $10,000 in credit card debt. I begged some source greater than me for answers in a time I felt I knew nothing. And somehow landed in Houston, TX rebuilding my financial security taking care of me and my rescue pup. I had gone from almost a decade of gluten-free blogging to working in HR for an investment bank.

I landed firmly on my feet, and worked diligently to stay there. It meant long days, late nights, lots of travel, but in just a year my debts were paid, I began working through the pains of my divorce in therapy, and in my yoga practice I began to find myself again.  I began to rebuild my life in a more satisfying and unshakable way than every before.


It’s a funny thing how when loss occurs, it’s finding the new normal that is the hardest part. Finding out who you are and what to commit firmly to, to strive daily in the direction of. For me, that was finding my dreams, my purpose, my meaning.

It took me three long years of aimless searching before I stumbled upon the tools that could have immediately given me my answers all those years ago. These days I love my life, my relationship, my friends, and most importantly, I know who I am regardless of circumstance. I took the scenic route, you don’t have to.


In under an hour of committed focus, this course will give you the tools and guide you through the exercises to find your answers.

The fastest way to get what you want in life is to vibrate with it. But what does that even mean? It means ACTION. If you want to be a writer, you write, if you want to be a chef, you cook, you study, you train, you practice. Your actions are like prayers that build and build until your dreams materialize into your every days.


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The Embodiment Course | A Sacred Folk Workshop from Kristen Campbell on Vimeo.



Whether you’re going through a time of transition, or just want to get more out of your life, this course will help you master the skills you need to bring your dreams into your every days.

Using ancient meditative practices and drawing from Kundalini Yoga’s powerful healing techniques, we will reach within to access a place of deep wisdom to help you move forward with energy, excitement, and purpose in your every days.

The course is a 30 minute online journey, and I also include a short video for your daily practice. In Kundalini Yoga a Sadhana is a daily discipline usually done in the morning, to help us align with our true being. With just a few minutes of practice each day you can change your life.

What do you MOST want in your life?

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