Finding Your Purpose

An Exercise in Living and Dreaming

Whether you’re going through a time of transition, or just want to get more out of your life, The Embodiment Course will help you master the skills you need to bring your dreams into your every days.

After my seven year partnership ended in divorce, I left North Carolina with $10,000 in debt, a health challenged rescue pup, and no idea of how to piece my life back together again. I lost my family, my friends, my home, my future, I felt like I had been so wrong about everything, and had no idea what I wanted out of life.

Finding a New Normaldelusional affirmation meditation

These days I love my life. I know who I am regardless of any passing, daily circumstance. I am in love, I am successful, and I have more money saved up than I ever could have imagined. These days, I am happy because I know who I am, and what my life’s purpose is.

Lessons don’t have to be hard earned, like mine were. There is a simpler way. And I am so excited to teach it to you.

You are amazing, you just may not know it yet. I want you to revel in your awesomeness!

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The Embodiment Course | A Sacred Folk Workshop from Kristen Campbell on Vimeo.

An Exercise in Living and Dreaming

I will teach you the tools to answer your key questions, some call them secrets, some call them technologies, some call them sacred practices, whatever you call them, together we will practice them, and create a space for all of your answers to emerge. It is your right as a living, breathing human being to know the answers and the tools to excavate them.

With exercises and intuitive writing prompts you will access your immovable, peaceful place within where all of your answers, your bliss, and your awareness are held.

Together, we will reveal them. We will dig deep, chipping away at the layers of your inauthentic self, and reveal the things you’ve always known, the parts you keep hidden, safe, sheltered. The parts you hide from even yourself. Together we will unearth them and find your way. You will find your path, love yourself, and begin making choices that honor the incredible being that you are.

What do you MOST want in your life?

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