Ancient Kundalini Tools to Find Life After Loss

Kundalini Yoga is rich with tools to help navigating your through life. And through its techniques and technologies I have found ways of working through some of my most painful moments, technologies and techniques I am honored to share with you.

Losing My Best Friend

I haven’t wanted to publicly share my recent loss. I’m grieving in my own ways and trying to move on, and as I take life one day at a time, I’m not sure I could handle a flood of concerned wishes or caring thoughts. I’ve tried to hide my pain away from all except the very few who are closest to me.

At times my heart feels hard and cold, as though that is the only way to press on. But then I’m sad for myself, or mad at God, or wondering why things turned out the way they did. I know that my sadness is not for my best friend of eight years, my rescue dog Waylon’s sweet soul that is no longer on this earth. I know that somewhere he is finally at peace, but for my own every days without him I grieve. It’s a sad and selfish truth, but it’s a natural part of losing a dear, loved one.

In my ups and downs of recent weeks, I’ve found great solace in the wisdom behind Kundalini Yoga. Its teachings bring me some sense of purpose and cause. And unlock keys to my own secrets to moving on with the gift of life that has been afforded me.

Waylon Dog
Waylon the best dog that I ever got to love.

Most mornings I lie in bed, with no dog to walk, not wanting to rise. And so I think of reasons to be grateful, adding to some mental list that will soon be forgotten. But what if instead I live my gratitude. What if instead I recognize the gift of every moment and its contribution to my life as a whole. Rarely is a dream achieved without looking back to find some joy in the making of it, even though the ups also tend to come with some downs too.

In this video I explain how I’m using gratitude not as a list, but an experience to remind me in each moment to choose not to wallow stagnant in my pain, but to move forward with life as an incredible gift in its entirety.

Finding a New Normal With Kundalini Yoga

  • What do you MOST want to do in your life? Raise a family, be a successful business person, write, paint, act, play sports, teach, etc. What have you always dreamt of?
  • How are you contributing in this moment to that dream? If you’re not, then make a plan and take ACTION.
  • In each moment you are working towards that dream, focus not on the pain of life and the losses that will occur, but the beauty of the journey, in the process as a whole.
    • Are you and your partner making sacrifices for the family you dream of building and legacy you want to leave? Someday you’ll look back and smile on these days.
    • Are you making sacrifices in your social life to achieve some career dream or build up something on the side? Someday you’ll look back and smile on these days.
    • Are you making sacrifices to attain the level of health and fitness that you are so blessed to be capable of achieving in your unique way? Someday you’ll look back and appreciate how you got there.
  • Time will pass anyway, your life will pass you by if you’re not working towards something. LIVE.
  • AND appreciate it now, someday you’ll look back and smile, but learn to also do so NOW. Appreciate the beauty of the process as you live it.

Kundalini Yoga Practices for Grief, Anger, and Pain

Sitali Pranayam

Sitali Pranayam is a breath through the curled tongue used in Kundalini Yoga to clear anger, or for a longer practice of 108 breaths to achieve a deep meditative state.

In this video I demonstrate the full 108 breath practice, and you can pretty much see the bliss on my face at the end. This one is a favorite!

Breath to Eliminate Anger

With just two different styles of breath you can change your entire energetic state.

Left nostril breathing is calming, cleansing, and can move you past stress and negative emotions with empathy and sensitivity.

Feelings are not our identity, but they can overwhelm and seem as though they are. Breath is a powerful tool to change the state of the conscious mind. In this short video I will teach you two simple breath techniques that you can do when anger is upon you. For starters, while right nostril breathing warms the body, left nostril breathing cools it. So we will start with a simple left nostril breath than can calm the anger in just one minute.

If the anger is still upon you, try the second breath I demonstrate here, Sitali Pranayam. With the tongue curled breathe in and out of the mouth of three minutes, then while breathing normally drink a bit of cold water. This practice is incredible for refocusing and balancing the energy.

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Kundalini Yoga Practice using the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is said to be one of the greatest meditations you can practice. It’s transformational powers of breath, mudra, and mantra balance all 27 facets of life and metal projection. It helps to establish inner happiness and purify past karma as well as subconscious blocks.

While blocking off the right nostril, the mantra Wahe Guru (WHAA-HAY-GUROO) is chanted silently. Exhalation is through the right nostril.

This is a more advanced breath practice. If you feel lightheaded or dizzy, please stop the practice and breathe normally.

Grief, Sadness, Loss–Two Breaths to Overcome

The Mediation to Remove Haunting Thoughts is a short meditation and is said to remove haunting thought which can cause grief and loss to linger with us in the present. It is a short, 40 second meditation proceeded by a simple breath technique to help in managing grief’s many emotions.

Whether you are sitting at your desk and need a work day boost, in the midst of your morning workout, or relaxing in front of the TV after a long day, 1-3 minutes of these simple techniques can change your entire mental and emotional outlook.

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