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For the record, can you tell me the name of your business and a bit about what it is that you, personally, do?

My website is called TamarahLight, Messages from Beyond. I guess that is the name of my business as well, although I think about what I do more as sharing messages, information and light rather than an actual “business.”

Weekly Oracle Reading 7-24-16I am a Universal Channel for Mother Gaia, Saint Germaine, Lord Sananda and other Light Beings, a Light Worker and energetic healer, a spiritual guide and teacher, a spiritual life coach. I am a second degree Reiki practitioner and I am certified in AromaTouch Therapy, a process using doTERRA essential oils to
balance, cleanse and heal the physical body (and most likely the spiritual and energetic bodies, too).

I have begun doing daily, and now weekly, Oracle Card Readings on my InstaGram page @tamaralight and for Sacred Folk Magazine, as I find that the Universal Energies lend themselves nicely to the practice and allow us to have a glimpse of what to expect in the near future.

I take individual clients and make appointments for private oracle card readings and Angel messages, face-to-face or through email or Skype. I do oracle card readings at local Light Fairs and for small groups.

Teresa McBeeWhen and how did you know that this particular route was in fact your path?

I did a lot of reading and private study, while consulting with a dear friend who had a practice as a psychic medium, and who helped me reconnect with my guides and find the confidence that I was on the right path for me.

I have been on this path for as long as I can remember and certainly since 1984, when I was a member of a healing and meditation circle that met weekly. Growing up, I was the “odd one” who had different beliefs than my Roman Catholic small-town family. I didn’t cause much trouble, but quietly went about my business, talking with the neighborhood cats and dogs, listening to the birds and learning all that my mother and grandmother could teach me about flowers, plants and cooking (kitchen magic).

I branched out a bit more in college, but soon got wrapped up in my chosen career as a Social Worker. Marriage and children took their place in my life, with the healing arts that came so naturally to me a constant part of my existence.

As my children grew older, I studied homeopathy, herbal medicine and the use of crystals and gemstones. I found myself gravitating towards like-minded people, thankfully through the Internet as well as within my local community. My first eye-opening experience came when a local friend told me about Jennifer McLean’s Healing with the Masters series, a free broadcast of cutting-edge speakers and Light Workers. I signed up, listened to the first season and I was hooked!

What did you do to get here? And where do you still aim to go?

I began working with a mentor, Laurie Reyon and her partner, Master Puddah, a Being of Ascended Master energy, who are regular contributors on the Masterworks Healing website broadcasts. Over the years, I have explored and developed my gifts and am now able to channel various Light Beings, Angels and Ascended Masters. I am also able to communicate with animals, although that is not a large part of my practice at this time. I continue to work with Reyon and Master Puddah and I anticipate the development of further adventures as we go along together. If you’re interested in learning more about them, please look at their website for more information. It’s just fascinating! I would love to travel and share the channeled messages that come to me with individuals and groups around the world. Perhaps one day a radio show or some such method will be available to me.

IMG_0732Even when living out our wildest dreams, bad days still come. How do you handle them?

I do my best to maintain a positive outlook, but sometimes I find myself sad, sullen, frustrated and ready to crawl under the covers and spend the day in bed. I’m usually pretty successful at pulling myself out of those moods by spending some time outside in nature, walking by the river, listening to the birds, or just soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salts and essential oils.

I make myself write down the things that I am grateful for, those things that make my life worthwhile, and before long I’m feeling more positive and ready to get on with it. A glass of wine never hurts, either!

Do you have a current daily/weekly meditation or yoga practice? If so, which styles do you prefer?

I like to think that I have a daily practice that includes a mix of meditation, yoga and walking. The fact is that I do my best to do at least one of those each day, but some days it just doesn’t happen. My intention remains, however, and I always feel better when I’ve done some Hatha yoga, listened to a guided meditation or walked a couple miles with my favorite music playing.

Teresa McBee Tarotscope (4 of 5)-2Which spiritual tools (earthing, crystals, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, sound therapy, astrology, tarot, healing modalities, etc.) do you rely on?

Oh, I rely on many tools and try to use my intuition to choose the one that’s most appropriate for the situation at hand. I use crystals, meditation, yoga, sound therapy, astrology, tarot and oracle cards, AromaTouch Therapy, essential oils, homeopathy and maybe some others that I can’t think of. They all serve me well.

Anything else you wish to share?

I’d like to reaffirm that we’re all in this together, none of us are alone and Spirit always has our back. My path may not be yours, but I’ll sure support you if you need a hand.

The more we can shine our light, the more light there is for others to see and possibly follow. Love and light are critical in our development, our survival and our ascension. Love is really all we need. I so appreciate this beautiful community and this opportunity to share my story. Thank you!

Where you can find Teresa “Tamarah Light” McBee:
Instagram: @tamarahlight

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