Interview: Rachel Fishman of PROCESS/PROGRESS

Rachel Fishman of Process Progress

For the record, can you tell me the name of your business and a bit about what it is that you, personally, do?

My business is called PROCESS/PROGRESS, an intuitive branding and design studio for spiritual entrepreneurs! I am all about helping those people that help others . . . I help them build strong visual brand identities that are in total alignment with who they are, what they do and WHY . . . their purpose. 🙂

When and how did you know that this particular route was in fact your path?

This purpose of mine hit me very recently . . . just within the last couple of years, and in fact I am still on the path to discovering it. Adapting a more formal and in-depth spiritual practice has opened me up to how I can use my intuition as one of my skills in business, and I can teach others to do the same: to use their intuition as a major brand and business building tool.

Rachel Fishman Process/ProgressWhat did you do to get here? And where do you still aim to go?

Lots of self work, soul-searching and intuition developing. My path is still being uncovered but I am falling back in love with the Graphic Designer part of me. I think my future path involves working some more as a freelance Graphic Designer while I do the big inner work of developing my business . . . and help as many people as I can along the way.

Even when living out our wildest dreams, bad days still come. How do you handle them?

Oh boy, it is hard. But I try to be very gentle with myself and honor those bad days, bad feelings . . . honor when I need rest, and honor when I need to take action. My intuition has helped me a lot with handling these situations. No matter what, that guidance is there, it is our choice to still the mind, calm the body and listen!

Do you have a current daily/weekly meditation or yoga practice? If so, which styles do you prefer?

I have been experimenting with different meditation tools. I recently completed a 40 day meditation for prosperity and I am going to continue with a daily practice from now on. To me, as long as you are taking the time to quiet the mind, be still and breathe . . . you are meditating, even if it’s only for a minute.

rachel-process-progressWhich spiritual tools (earthing, crystals, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, sound therapy, astrology, tarot, healing modalities, etc.) do you rely on?

Ooh, I love all of them. I work with the Tarot and other oracle cards mostly. I use them everyday . . . I even have a tarot card app on my phone for easy access! They help guide and ignite my intuition. I am obsessed with astrology and numerology. Always looking to learn more about different metaphysical tools! I would love to lean more about astral projection and lucid dreaming as the vividness of my dreams has increased lately!

Anything else you wish to share?

Be open, trust yourself and trust in the divine plan the Universe has for you!

Where you can find Rachel:
Instagram: @processprogress

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