Interview: Super Rad Super Mom + Entrepreneur Caitlin Proctor

Caitlin Proctor

I discovered Caitlin making waves with her incredible love and light-drenched messages on social media. This too-cool-for-school mom packs some serious positivity into her videos and posts.

For the record, can you tell me the name of your business and a bit about what it is that you, personally, do?

My brand name is Be Healthy Be Rad and my company I work with is It Works Global. I empower people to take charge of their health and have body confidence again as well as mentor others to have freedom of time and make money from home as I have. It is so fulfilling to be able to make such positive change ❤️

When and how did you know that this particular route was in fact your path?

I have always had a passion for health and empowering people. I grew up with a beautiful mother who suffered terribly from M.S. My dad (my hero) I almost lost at 16 to pancreatitis and then battled cancer 3 times. After feeling so out of control as a child, it is so rewarding to help people claim their health and feel good. I did not know until I was 32 that this is what I would be doing.

My business fell into my lap a couple of years ago. I was working constantly, my son was very sick and bills were piling up. My husband and I were doing all we could but we were struggling and missing out on time as a family. I came home one night, opened another hospital bill and lost it crying. I knew life wasn’t suppose to be like this. I went to bed that night and said a prayer: to show me what I needed to do, show me my calling and how to change all of this. I swore whatever it was I would listen, just show me the way. Two days later, my now best friend walked into my salon and asked me if I would be interested in her health and wellness business. I was terrified and had no idea what I was saying ‘yes’ to, but I knew that I was being guided.

What did you do to get here? And where do you still aim to go?

To get where I am, I have had an amazing team that I would be crazy not to thank and give credit to. They light a fire in me everyday by being so passionate about their dreams. Personally, it has taken getting out of my comfort zone, making mistakes, finding my voice, getting clear on what I want, and a lot of personal development. The journey has been and still is amazing! Someone once told me “everything you want is on the other side of fear” and I believe that to be true. We all fall down but it’s how we get up that creates our future.

Looking forward, I just want to touch as many lives as possible. Whether that is with health, confidence, financial freedom or just spreading light. I want people to feel good about being their authentic self and love the life they are creating. My big vision is to be able to help change awareness as well as well as lack of support surrounding mental health.

Even when living out our wildest dreams, bad days still come. How do you handle them?

I practice meditation daily and am a student of A Course in Miracles. Both of these practices have been life changing. Everyday I remember the 3 G’s: what am I grateful for, how can I grow from this situation and how can I give. Challenging days will always arise but this has been a pretty good toolbox.

Do you have a current daily/weekly meditation or yoga practice? If so, which styles do you prefer?

I practice yoga 3-4 times per week. It is my sanctuary. I practice hot Vinyasa as well as yin. When they say it helps body, mind and spirit, it is the real deal. Some days I physically feel blocked energy and stored emotions being released.

I meditate a couple times per day. I started out with guided meditations 4 years ago until I could sit on my own in a quiet practice. Gabby Bernstein also has some great kundalini meditations that I like to do when I feel stressed or need a boost of confidence.

Which spiritual tools (earthing, crystals, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, sound therapy, astrology, tarot, healing modalities, etc.) do you rely on?

I rely heavily on yoga, meditation, tapping and energy healing. I don’t pull cards often but when I do, spirit is always on queue with the right messages. I also wear a smokey Quartz crystal or Amethyst daily. I recently started learning about crystals and the raise in vibration has been amazing! Right now I am also taking a class on body awareness and I highly recommend everyone learning this. If we can sit with ourselves, all of the guidance we need is within. If we can learn to understand what our bodies are telling us, we can powerfully move through the blocks that hold us back.

Anything else you wish to share?

There are so many resources available for free to give us peace and healing. I encourage everyone to embark on that journey. Know how gifted, powerful and amazing you are and how much you have to offer. Don’t ever doubt your importance in this world.

Where to find Caitlin Proctor:
Instagram: @behealthyberad

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