Interview: Cherise “Healing Moon” Williams LC, CCH, CHT

Cherish Healing Moon

For the record, can you tell me the name of your business and a bit about what it is that you, personally, do?

My business name is called Healing Moon Lumina. I’m a Spiritual Guide and Certified Holistic Life Coach. I’m also a certified hypnotherapist, crystal healer and tarot reader. I work with people who are looking to add more magic, light and soul to their lives. People who are looking for some self care and healing while having a little guidance on their spiritual path. In my sessions I use a combination of coaching, crystal healing, hypnotherapy (and guided imagery) and card counseling to help the client feel empowered, fulfilled and knowledgeable. My goal is to have them walk away from our session with a holistic and spiritual “game plan”.

When and how did you know that this particular route was in fact your path?

I had a rough life. While I was lucky to have a supportive family around me, I still endured lots of difficult things. Sexually abused as a child, domestic violence, abusive relationships and more. I had a lot of self hate, guilt, sadness and hurt. I coped by making not so great decisions in regards to love, my safety, alcohol and drugs. After having kids of my own and meeting my incredibly kind and supportive husband, I stopped the partying and drugs but I was still unhappy. It wasn’t until I started on my own journey of healing, self love and spirituality that I really began to find peace and happiness. It was during this time that I realized that I had gone through everything I had (and come out stronger than ever) because I was meant to help others find their own happiness and spiritual connection.

What did you do to get here? And where do you still aim to go?

I have a ton of personal and life experience that I bring to help relate to my clients. To get to the state I’m personally at (mentally, spiritually and emotionally), took a lot of hard work, self actualization and healing. Getting to where I am today was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it has been SO worth it!

Professionally I have gone to school and taken many aromatherapy and herbal classes. I became certified in crystal healing and holistic tarot. I also have gone to school to be a certified hypnotherapist and life coach. I’m currently in school to get a diploma as an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner which includes a certification in transpersonal psychology. I will also be a certified and ordained spiritual coach and celebrant.

Even when living out our wildest dreams, bad days still come. How do you handle them?

I’m a big believer in acknowledging and feeling our emotions, even the yucky ones…and then moving on. When I have a bad day, I let myself feel it. I cry if I need to, lay around in pajamas and be bummed. I usually let myself have 24 hours. Then it’s time to move on. I do this by really thinking about why I’m feeling this way. Acknowledging my feelings is important. I then take proactive steps to heal from it. I journal, meditate with crystals and oils, go for a walk, turn on music and dance like a crazy person with my kids. Making sure to do activities that release pent up energy, raise my vibration and heal.

When my bad days turn into weeks or I have a particularly rough day, I make sure to see my therapist. I’m a huge mental health advocate. No shame in seeking professional psychological assistance when you need it 🙂

Cherise Healing MoonDo you have a current daily/weekly meditation or yoga practice? If so, which styles do you prefer?

I do yoga several times a week. Nothing too crazy haha, simple poses and such. I also do deep meditations a few times a week. I’ve recently been working on mindfulness. Really being in each moment and focusing on my breath and body in that moment.

Which spiritual tools (earthing, crystals, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, sound therapy, astrology, tarot, healing modalities, etc.) do you rely on?

Tarot and sitting in nature are big ones for me. Even when I was going through very hard times, I always turned to tarot and nature to help me through. Particularly the moon. Just sitting outside at night and looking at the moon can be incredibly healing. As I’ve moved along my spiritual path, I gravitated towards more tools. Crystals, essential oils, meditation, mindfulness and tarot are definitely my top tools.

Anything else you wish to share?

I just feel so blessed each day that this is my life and the path that I’m on. Opening up and putting myself out there, spiritually, has been so rewarding. I’ve met so many amazing people. Life is definitely a journey and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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