Guided Meditation Explained & Four Free Meditations


“By conquering the mind, you can conquer the world.” -Guru Nanak


Why Meditate?

The Three Minds 

  • The Negative (or Projective) Mind: Your reactive, protective, survival mind.
  • The Positive (or Expansive) Mind: Your imaginative, risk taking, constructive mind.
  • The Neutral (or Meditative) Mind: Your observing, destiny-fulfilling mind.

Meditation is a vital practice to developing the Neutral Mind. Mastery of the Neutral Mind means living life with attractive, creative, magnetism.

mediation for stress, anxiety, depression, prosperityBenefits of Meditation

  • Meditation brings you from the impossible to the possible, from the finite to the infinite. This means that often in life “we cannot even imagine what we cannot even imagine” -Guru Singh. That is because we are seeing life through our earthly, human minds, and not from the place of wisdom, infinity, or faith within. When you trust the higher self within you, you unlock your true potential.
  • Meditation reduces stress, promotes clarity, creates a sense of calm and inner peace. It helps you to master your emotional, thinking, feeling, reactive mind, and instead access and learn to approach life from a place of balance and center.
  • Meditation helps you to release bad habits, unconscious blocks, and subconscious fears. It is a figurative clearing of the cobwebs in both your inner and outer life. Regular meditation will help clear your behavioral and subconscious blocks preventing you from fulfilling your dreams. Meditation will align you with your life path and help you in fulfilling your purpose and living out your destiny.

mediation for stress, anxiety, depression, prosperityThe Purpose of Meditation 

“It is not mediation that stops the mind. It is the surrender of the mind to the soul, and the soul to the Truth. It is when you prefer the world of the Truth to the word of your own intellect.” -Yogi Bhajan

Meditation as a form of yoga, the word yoga means “yoke” or “union.” It is the connection of the self to the infinite consciousness. In that moment of connection, that union, thought stops, and peace is achieved.

Prayer is when you use your human mind to talk to Infinity. Meditation is when the mind is clear and open, and Infinity talks to you.

Mediation is known to:

  • reduce stress
  • enhance sleep
  • encourage healing
  • enhance creativity
  • align your soul with its purpose

Guided Mediation

There are many types of mediation: silent, guided, chanting with mantra, led by playing of the gong, mindfulness, mediation through movement, etc. Guided Meditation is a powerful, healing tool for anyone from a beginner to expert level meditator. Keep in mind, no one else in this entire world has your soul, your body, your mind. Find what resonates with you, and feel free to keep exploring. Everyone will find and connect with what is right for his/herself.

Preparing for Mediation

Meditation is a time for your body to rest, and to let changes in your physiology integrate, whether the changes be from yoga, exercise, mantra, creative endeavors, or lessons learned. Life will always provide you the teaching moments and experiences you most need, sometimes even as the mind begins to grow and change, the body can hold onto patterns of the past. Meditation is a wonderful way to release fascia, blocks, and old patterns in the body.

  • Find a safe space where you will not be disturbed, dim the lights if preferred. Cover the body or feet with a blanket if you like.
  • Lie on your back with arms resting by your sides, sit in a comfortable cross legged position, or sit in a chair with the feet resting on the floor and hands in the lap.
  • Rest the hands with the palms facing up, feet should be uncrossed, eyes closed.
  • Relax the breath, relax the body, relax the mind.

Choosing a Mediation

The following mediations came to me intuitively, and incorporate the healing properties of my combined studies in Kundalini Yoga, Sat Nam Rasayan, Mindfulness, and the Chakra System. I hope they bring you peace, prosperity, health and healing.

Four Free Guided Meditations

Healing Nature Meditation

No matter how centered I usually feel, there will always be occasional moments when life pushes me past a point of peace. On a day after multiple letdowns at work, accidental offenses of others that pained me deeply, I could not release. I could not relax. Until the following meditation came to mind. I begged for my answer, my peace, my return to center, and the following words began to flow. I recorded them for me, and I recorded them for you.

I hope this meditation helps you as it has helped me. If so, please share.

Mediation for Extreme Affirmation Assistance

No matter how practiced, enlightened, balanced we are, some aspects of life can fall out of whack. This short 10 minute meditation focuses on a bolder form of positive self-talk, one that’s almost delusional, because let’s face it, when people speak with true excitement, we tend to listen.

I hope it helps you as it has helped me. If so, please share.

Guided Healing Mediation

After over a decade of exploring different forms of meditation, I have found a wonderful influence to my own practice in the alternative healing modality called Sat Nam Rasayan. After many consecutive practices of this intriguing technique, during one very long drive home filled to the brim with the stress of holidays and travel demands, I needed some sort of relief. Recent SNR classes I had attended flooded my mind and came together in the following meditation.

I hope it helps you as it has helped me. If so, please share.

Mediation for Manifesting

This meditation is based on age-old principles of manifesting. Wish without action does not draw in success. Action vibrates with the Universe’s infinite supply. This short meditation will help you tap in and turn on life’s infinite and abundant flow. I recorded this for me, and I recorded this for you.

I hope this meditation helps you as it has helped me. If so, please share.


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