Kirtan Kriya Kundalini Yoga Meditation


A teacher, writer, life hacker, and rescue dog-mom dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be, because, I took the scenic route–you don’t have to!

I am so proud to share with you this socially conscious digital platform which uses the ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to help you to live your happiest, most prosperous life possible.

Born-and-raised in New Orleans, I used my 20s to explore this incredible country living out my dreams of moving to Houston, New York, San Francisco, and the beautiful beaches of North Carolina. During that time I coupled my desire to help others with my passion for optimal living to drive me ahead in careers in fashion, finance, and natural beauty. But I kept hopping from place to place, and job to job, because for most of my life, I had no idea who I was, or how to become sustainably happy.

After three decades of yoga practice, I immersed myself in the study of Kundalini Yoga. This sacred practice gave me simple tools to connect with the divine wisdom within me, that for too long I had searched for outside of myself. With these practices, I help people like you to learn to dream big and bring your life up to the standards intended for it.

After working in the fast paced, competitive worlds of Investment Banking and Consulting, I know that everyone not only deserves to be happy, but also financially abundant. And after divorce left me with $10,000 in debt, zero savings, and a health-challenged rescue pup, climbing my way to a place of prosperity was a scary process. But I am here now to tell you that you can be happy doing exactly what you are meant to with your unique, and beautiful life. And you didn’t sign a vow of poverty.

Through my free and paid content on Sacred Folk, I am honored to help you find your way to your best, happy, healthy, holy life. Here are some free resources and practices you can try to help you connect with your place of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Sat Nam.
(That means the true light in me, recognizes the true light in you.)
Kristen Campbell